Restorative Dentistry

Teeth are something you want to last you a lifetime! Restorative Dentistry is the repair of a poor tooth, through the application of several techniques designed to re-establish your oral well-being. David May DDS is dedicated to helping you preserve your natural teeth for life and improving any dental conditions you may have.

The importance of Restorative Dentistry should not be overlooked. Although our teeth play an essential role in the Digestive System, their well-being is also fundamental in the functioning of the rest of the body.

Research shows inadequate oral health is a serious condition, heightening the risk of several deadly conditions. Heart Disease, Respiratory Disease, Cardiovascular Disease and increased risk of stroke have a higher potency in sufferers of poor oral health. Therefore, good oral health begins in the mouth with our teeth!

"With Restorative Dentistry you will regain your sense of oral well-being and prevent further deterioration of teeth. Restorative Dentistry is essential for patients suffering oral conditions, as it enables these problems to be resolved and for patients to keep their natural teeth for life"
—Dr. David may

Restorative Dentistry seeks to repair oral conditions and prevent you from losing your teeth.  During your next consultation time, speak with Dr David May regarding your oral situation. Dr David May will be able to recommend the best brushing techniques and preventive dentistry methods, for your oral condition.

Through the process of Restorative Dentistry, Dr David May can help you recapture your oral well-being and maintain your natural teeth for life!