Dental Crowns & Bridges

A very successful method in counteracting the affects of tooth loss are Crowns and Bridges.

Crowns are utilized to recapture the aesthetic appearance of a tooth. They may also be enforced to strengthen and restore a warn-down, cracked or broken tooth. Crowns are fitted directly over your existing tooth structure and are made of porcelain. The porcelain Crown reflects and refracts light to the same degree as a natural tooth and therefore is virtually indistinguishable in appearance. Crowns may be suggested to support the application of a dental Bridge.


Bridges are utilized after a tooth is lost.

This form of restoration covers the place where one or more tooth/teeth are lost from the dental arch. Bridges are essentially a false tooth implemented to fill the area.


Crowns are then fitted on either side of the Bridge work; giving extra support to the new tooth. Bridges are a permanent solution and cannot be removed from the mouth. Also created out of Porcelain, bridges appear no different to a natural tooth.


“Crowns and Bridges work together to help you regain the perfect smile, after tooth loss. Both Crowns and Bridges are aesthetically pleasing, discrete options that will help you to recapture the structure and function of your teeth. Its an area I specialize in and will make all the difference for your oral health and happiness”
—Dr. David May

Crowns and Bridges can help patients to improve speech, correct bite and prevent the development of Periodontal Disease. If Crowns and Bridges are fitted quickly after the loss of a tooth, Dr David May will be able to prevent other teeth from shifting position. Dr David May utilizes Crowns and Bridges to enhance patient well-being and improve the appearance of your smile!